Partners In Health

You know, just saving lives, revitalizing communities & transforming global health. NBD.

The redesign of the Partners In Health website was one of the largest projects that I lead as Principle Designer at Blue State. It was also the only redesign that took me to Haiti.

If you don't know, PIH does amazing work all over world. Serving the poor and underprivileged with healthcare, almost always for free. The co-founder, Paul farmer is an amazing man. I highly recommend checking out Mountains Beyond Mountains if you want to feel like you're life isn't anywhere meaningful enough.

We'd been working with PIH for a few years, slowly updating their site for disasters and campaigns, but on a broken system. This time we were going to build a new system from the ground up.

The beginning of the project was spent in Boston with the team going over the priorities of content and and trying to figure out how we can get more content from the field on the site. While most employees in the field have phones that can text and maybe send low res photos, but sending photos for a website it not usually a priority for them.

We focused the site on “Health is a Human Right” and decided to feature a firehose of content. They have so many amazing things happening every day, how can we show that to potential donors? Something that might seem routine to someone in the field, would blow away the average user in the states. So we want to highlight that.

The homepage is super simple. Huge tag line, content stream and action buttons.

PIH also rebranded right before this and we were lucky enough to use H&FJ webfont version of Whitney on the site. The content pages are designed To be readable and to highlight the photos coming from the field.

But the real impact this project had on me was our trip to Haiti. Being there completely impacted the design of the site. It was my first trip to a third world country and I really didn't know what to make of it. I took a few photos, but they don't really do the experience justice. It was just so incredible to see the lifestyle of Haitians in rural areas. Without electricity or running water. Where a tin roof is considered a great thing. But the most amazing this was to see the impact if PIH there. In an area where almost all of the forestry has been cut down, to an extent that it makes a country border line with the Dominica Republic when viewed from above. Pih is a lush community with Trees panted by Paul farmer over 25 years ago. Kids have grown up there, gone to school there, and come hack to teach there.

They do incredible work. Check the site out, make a donation.

Kids in Haiti

Children welcoming us into their village.

A farmer's field in Haiti

PIH works with families in the area to improve farming practices. This farm is part of their training program.

Our view from PIH in Haiti

Our view from the PIH staff housing.

Outside of a Haitian hospital

A Haitian hospital, in desperate need of repairs.

Hospital beds in Haiti

Hospital beds at Mirebalais Hospital, the most advanced hospital in Haiti.