New Directors New Films Festival

The New Directors/New Films festival highlights films by artists who are making their directorial debut

The New Directors New Films Festival is an annual event in NYC. This past year I designed the website along with Jared Laser who did much of the front-end code. Working closely with the team at FilmLinc, we highlighted a few films and really brought out the amazing imagery available to them.

With such beautiful stills from the films, how could we not highlight them at huge sizes? We created a system of quick access to film trailers and the schedule right from the homepage. Allowing users to learn about the films and buy tickets immediately.

One of my favorite parts of the site was the splash page, before they announced the films. We had the stills, but they hadn't been announced yet. So we placed the logo on top of the blurred still. And then when they finally announced the films, we added a button that would unblur the still behind the logo, revealing the film title and image.

NDNF landing page

The landing page we put up before the films were announced.