scrtchpd 2.0

I take a lot of notes.

On phone calls, Google Hangouts, in-person conversations, I take notes. Sometimes I need to save those notes, sometimes I don't.

I wanted a tool that would enable me start taking notes quickly, without needing to open up a new application or website. So I created one and it's called scrtchpd.

I may have been the only person actually using the first version of scrtchpd. And after a year of thorough user testing, I've finally gotten around to making a few updates:

  • Redesigned the app, giving it a cleaner feel.
  • Added support for Markdown
  • Added a "Clear" button, allowing you to quickly get a fresh scrtchpd.

It's really simple.

Just take notes. That's all you can do here!

scrtchpd used local storage to keep your notes for you when you come back to the site.

I use the New Tab Redirect Chrome Extension to open everytime I open a new tab in my browser. This gives me my scrtchpd very quickly.

Sometimes I save the notes to Google Docs or Editorially, sometimes they aren't needed and I can delete them. I'm planning on integrating some sort of "Save to Google Docs" integration eventually (if I can figure out how).


The first version of scrtchpd was extremely simple, and I loved it for that. But my notes really lacked hierarchy. I've implemented support for Markdown, so when you're taking notes, you can seperate your ideas a little easier.

I'm just making this thing up as I go along, so let me know if you have any feedback or find it helpful.