Round 6

This is the sixth edition of

That seems like a lot.

But hey, priorities change, so do websites. The goals for this redesign were pretty simple:

Focus on projects

Give more detail about project process and my role in teams. As a freelancer, the priority is to get my best work in front of people as soon as possible

Less empty writing spaces

The blog is no longer the focus of this site. Let’s be real, I haven’t been writing very much. So why have a bunch of empty space taking up most of a website?

I still plan on writing here, but just not all that frequently.

Static, yo.

Back to static content. The first and second editions of this site were static, and now it’s back. With a vengeance!

The past three versions of this site ran on ExpressionEngine, which is a great CMS. It was just overkill for what I need.

I built the site using Jekyll, which is a “blog aware static site generator.” Essentially, it does all the hard stuff for you, and generates static files that you can throw up on a server. Easy!


I’m hoping this site lasts me a while. I've got a couple new projects coming up and I'm excited to focus on them.