I don't pretend to be a sailor, but I've been on a few boats in my day. One of my favorite things about being on a sailboat is the perception of time.

Time is measured in days, not minutes. When you're sailing from the caribbean, there's no guarantee that you'll arrive at your destination at a specific minute, or even a specific hour. Sometimes the wind is in your favor and you get there early. Other times the wind just dies and your stuck sitting, waiting. But it's accepted as part of the game.

On a sailboat you are literally at the mercy of how the wind blows. The only control you have is to take advantage of what's been given to you. While you wait for the wind to. Pick up, kick back and enjoy the view.

There's this interview with Nas where he says if he's not feeling it in the studio that day, it's just not a studio day. So he goes outside and figures out what kind of day it is. I love that and have been trying to incorporate that idea in my days a bit more.

Deadlines are deadlines. But in between the tight schedules, throw out your watch and figure out what kind of day it is.