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I live in New York City with my wife, Mary, and our dog, Spock. I'm happiest when I'm helping others. That’s what this website is about. As a designer, I create things that connect people, solve problems for organizations, and encourage friends.

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I run Cottleston Pie, a digital design studio in New York City.

We work with nonprofits, higher education, cultural institions, and political campaigns that do important work.

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How can I help?

Each week, I set aside an hour for open office hours to chat with people new to the design industry.

Let's Talk

We’re traveling across America.

In each city we stop, we host a pasta dinner for people we’ve met there. We connect people to their neighbors.

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An email list of bikes for sale in New York City.

Each week, an organized list of beautiful bikes is delivered to your inbox. Just sit back and wait for your new bike to appear.

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